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“In 1849 Henry Sutliff, like many of his generation, went west to seek his fortune during the gold rush in California.  It is lucky for us that he never found gold, but he did open a successful tobacco shop in San Francisco.

From those humble beginnings, the company grew and over the next century and a half provided a rapidly expanding America with millions of pounds of Pipe Tobacco.  In the mid-twentieth century the company had outgrown its California location and located its new plant to Richmond Virginia in the heart of Tobacco Country.

In 1969, Henry’s Great-Great nephew Gordon sold the company to Consolidated Cigar Corporation.  By that time Sutliff Tobacco Company had become one of the world’s premiere Tobacco Manufacturers with such well established brands as Mixture 79, Edward G. Robinson, Old Grand Dad (Dutch Masters) and Heine’s Blend.  Consolidated Cigar successfully ran the company until in 1999 when it was purchased by Seita later to merge into Altadis USA.

We at Altadis USA are proud of the long illustrious tradition of tobacco blending and are continuing that tradition well into the second century of operation.



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We offer a broad range of tobaccos for your enjoyment and believe that the best way for you to find a favorite is to try an assortment.

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